How to come

How to come

Gardiki is a mountain village with many natural beauties, that is worth visiting all year round. The terrific views and forest walks may be quite soothing. 


Coming by car: Athens to Ioannina.
 400km, around 6 hours. (Once Olympian and Ionian interstates will be completed the distance will shorten significantly. 2013)

Root: . New National interstate 8A/E65 Athens - Patra
Exit to Rion
Get on E55
After Mesollogi (14 km passed, get on Ionian root and go toward Amfilohia. 35km)
Before Arta follow the freeway to Ioannina. You may go through the city of Arta, if you wish to see the famous Arta Bridge. 

Coming by car: Thessaloniki to Ioannina

Root: Egnatia Interstate A2/E90 
260klm 2hours 46 minutes

Or through Highway Grevena-Larissa and Egnatia A2/E90 328 km 4 hours 17 minutes.

Ioannina- Gardiki 

Root : Ioannina -Igoumenitsa
52 km. Around 50 minutes.
In 40 km there is a Kalama's river bridge, right before Vrosina village. This point is the border between Ioannina and Igumenitsa districts. At the end of the bridge take a left turn, and continue towards Raveni village. One km passed Raveni, there is an intersection. There follow the signs  towards Charavgi village for 3 km. Entering Charavgi there is a sign saying Gardiki left. 

Igoumenitsa- Gardiki

Root: 6/E90/E92- Ioannina
47,8 km, I hour, 5minutes
Go toward Ioannina and in about 50 km there is Vrosina Village, there follow the directions given above for Vrosina.
Or 1.
6/E90/E92 - Filiates 
3 km before Filiates turn right toward Keramitsa. 6 km passed Keramitsa follow the signs to Charavgi, and follow the directions given above.

Other means of transportation 
By bus: Athens - Ioannina, Thessaloniki - Ioannina. There 5-6 services daily. 
Ioannina Port Authority Tel. 26510-26286 
By Airplane: Daily flights from Athens and Thessaloniki
Tel. Ioannina Airport
(26510-26218 – 26510-26518). 
Tel. Aegean: (26510-65200-1,- 26510-64444. )
Tel. Olympic Air: (26510-39131.)

By sea to Igoumenitsa. 

(domestic service)

Igoumenitsa -Corfu 
Igoumenitsa -Leukimi
Igoumenitsa -Paxi
Igoumenitsa -Patra

(Foreign service)

Igoumenitsa- Ancona
Igoumenitsa- Venice 
Igoumenitsa -Bari
Igoumenitsa -Printezi

Igoumenitsa Port Authority 
Tel. (26650-99460 – 26650-99400-26650-23094 )

For any additional information you might need please contact us.

Gardiki Filiaton Thesprotias

Gardiki is a very beautiful village that you can visit any time of the year. You will enjoy nature especially when the weather conditions are good