In the past the villagers could not wait, for the annual “panigyria” since this was one of their few opportunities for having fun and leisure. And yet today, because of the great reduction of the local population these celebrations became fewer and fewer. It is in our capacity to maintain and transmit from generation to generation the tradition of our origins.

The first festival takes place at Gardiki, annually on the 26th of July (Saint Paraskevi’s Name Day). It usually starts the previous night and then begins again next afternoon, following the ceremony in Agia Paraskevi church.

The second takes place on August 23 at Lekoufa neighborhood. The day starts with the Church (Lambovistra) ceremony, and the celebration begins in the evening and lasts until the morning.

These festivities are organized by the local board, expatriates fraternity board and the Church Committee. Since 2004 the eastern ceremonies of Good Friday, and Holy Saturday started again after many years. (The Holy Saturday’s ceremony also takes place in the church of Lambovistra, in Lekoufa.)

A day after Easter, on Saint George’s Name Day, a ceremony takes place in the corresponding church and the Churches of Virgin Mary and Saint Nicolas. Finally since 2005, in the first 10 days of August there is a ceremony in Saint Antoni church.

You are all welcomed to our village so that we may all celebrate together and enjoy the festivities.

Gardiki Filiaton Thesprotias

Gardiki is a very beautiful village that you can visit any time of the year. You will enjoy nature especially when the weather conditions are good