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I welcome you to the village ,Gardiki Filiaton Thesprotias. It is located on the North Western part of Municipality of Filiates, at the fοοthill of mount Velouna. The village is crossed by the river Lagavitsa.

It is a village near the borders of Greece with Albania, and within it, there are three major neighborhoods( Lekoufa, Melissa, and Gardiki).

During the winter the population accounts to no more than 15 people, and yet the natural beauties are countless. The stone build houses and narrow stone paths within the natural environment create the sense of travelling back into the past. The birds singing, the wind whistling trough the trees, the river’s roar, the sun rising through the mist during the winter, are all there to charm the visitor. The village is beautiful all year round each season may offer something different. The villagers are simple, smiling people, maintaining the Greek hospitality, and a welcoming attitude.

The goal of this site is to acquaint the expatriates of our village to the beauties of its landscape, its people and of course its history and traditions.

There has been one more such attempt for an Internet site in the past, that was thought interrupted due to technical problems. ( HYPERLINK " ). I apologize for the inconvenience.

Even though there’s been some time since then ,I would like to thank the people that helped for the creation of the old site : Demetra Limberopoulou for the translation of Greek to English, Aggeliki Tsopoki and Ioanni Krommida for image material, and Evaggelo Tsoka for the photographs as well as the stories he sheared. Finally I owe a great thanks to the site’s donors for the period 2006-2008.

For the new site I cordially thank Paraskevi Katsani and Demetra Limberopoulou for their translation from Greek to English, Miss Ermioni Koutsafti for the composition of the articles, the elder Demetroula Mbagia for the photographic material she supplied, and the stories she sheared. Finally I thank Evaggelo, Harichlia, Ioanni ,Stamatia Krommida, and Nikolao Gkomoza, for the photos they gave us.

If you wish to comment or offer some new information concerning the village you may do that by clicking on “information”. P.S The future of our village is in our hands! It is upon the new generation to fight for the preservation of our history and tradition. May eternal be the memory of all those who followed the great visions for our birthplace.

I sincerely thank you for visiting this site; visiting this beautiful mountain village where I have the pleasure of living since 2000.

Gardiki Filiaton Thesprotias

Gardiki is a very beautiful village that you can visit any time of the year. You will enjoy nature especially when the weather conditions are good